New Year

2012 was wonderfully strange. I often felt like I had been pushed into a house of mirrors. The highs were incredibly high and the lows were frighteningly low. I got to travel to South America, ride a caravan in the footsteps of Martin Luther King with Mexican activists, present my short stories to a class, do a lot of public speaking, get paid to work with inspiring people, organized political events, made tons of new friends, and started a journey to better health. I watched as cancer tore apart the bodies of people I love, the heartlessness of the US medical system, and witnessed the horrors of war. Surprisingly, it made me a more hopeful person.

In 2012 I learned that humans are incredibly adaptive and resourceful. That when pushed to the limits the will to live and protect takes over. Perhaps, it is merely an evolutionary instinct, whatever it is…I like that about us. I saw so many people come back from the dead that I realized how much I want life. I really want to live my life and not do what is expected, but what is right. It seems like such a simple epiphany, but it took me all these years to figure it out. It is freeing.

My only real resolution is to drink more water and keep doing what I’m doing. I think 2013 is going to be a beautiful year no matter what happens. I’m including a little song by Celia Cruz, it is about not forgetting the old year because it brought so many great things. I’d have to agree with the sentiment. Stay safe out there! Happy New Year!


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