12 Grapes

Excuse my silence I’ve been…indisposed. If you are anything like me you are probably feeling pretty rough this morning. Perhaps, it was all the holiday food and booze or the fact that the season is over and you now find yourself more out of shape and broke. I accidently ate gluten on several occassions because it is hidden in everything and sometimes I don’t think to ask until later. Whatever, it was worth it and I’m learning. I’m lucky to work primarily with Mexicans which means that I get to ease back into work until Monday because Sunday is El día de los reyes magos  (Magical King’s Day), which marks the official end of the season. This is an interesting holiday where three kings come and leave presents in or by your shoes and you eat a cake with little plastic baby Jesuses (is that the plural of Jesus?) hidden inside,  whoever finds the Jesus(es) gets to throw a party…or chokes to death. I never really celebrated this holiday, but usually somebody in my family had the Jesus cake so we would go over to their house to partake, but by that point it did not matter who found the baby Jesus because there would be no more parties for awhile as everyone was exhausted and sick of each other.

What does any of this have to with grapes? Nothing really I am just rambling. You see I bought grapes on Sunday because in Spain and many parts of  Latin America it is common to eat twelve grapes as the clock is striking midnight on the New Year. It is kind of a silly tradition and I later found out that it was a late 19th century marketing gimmick by Spanish vine growers, but silly or not it is a tradition and even though grapes are not in season and don’t grow particularly well here I bought them. Now it is January 2nd and we still have a ton of grapes…

You could do what I did:

I got them all in there!

Or you could try my roommate’s idea and make a green smoothie:

What you will need:
Ice cubes
1 cup spinach
12 grapes (for good luck)
1 pear (finely diced)
2 spoonfuls of unsweetened almond butter
1 cup yogurt (we used 6 oz. of almond yogurt)
1 shot water


Blend! We put about six ice cubes in first then yogurt, spinach, diced pear, almond butter, halved grapes, and water. Made two generous servings.



Yeltsin approved!

Sweet and filling and with a b-12 vitamin a much better hangover remedy than greasy tacos or menudo. The great thing about green smoothies is their versatility so I will definately be making this a regular part of my diet.

Today I intend to clean the nuclear explosion that is my room/kitchen, make a detailed to-do list, and not mess up the bone broth I have simmering on the stove. I’m actually looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. I hope you had a beautiful New Year surrounded by those you love! Stay hydrated my friends!

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