Enchiladas a la Abuela (sort of)

Along with dairy and gluten I have slowly been trying to get corn out of my diet. Culturally, this is very difficult as Mexico and corn have deep ties to one another, but the sacred grain we used to worship has little to do with the genetically modified crap that has finagled its way into just about everything we eat today.  Whatever your view on the health impacts of GMOs there is no denying that Monsanto is a soul sucking colonizing business that is destroying lives and livelihoods. My ultimate goal is to get them out of my kitchen, but who knows how feasible that actually is.

But I digress…sometimes SXSW happens and you end up with a bag of 200 tortillas in your fridge that sits there for a really long time. Also, sometimes, your roomie give you an old(ish) big head of purple cabbage and being you (me) you don’t want to throw it out. Continue reading