Fun with Fermentation: Part Tepache

Spring turns me into a bee. I find myself buzzing around this warm, beautiful city looking for wildflowers and sweet things to enjoy. This has made work a little difficult because I just want cook and go on nature walks, but I can’t…I have two jobs and bills so here I am hunched over a screen in an air-conditioned room. Though, I honestly enjoy both jobs and the room I am in is pretty nice so I can’t complain much. I also started the day with a nice glass of home-made tepache which is thick and delicious and makes this bee very happy.

Tepache is a fermented drink made out of pineapple rind, water, spices and sugar and it is so ridiculously easy to make that I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. The thing is I rarely buy pineapples…I grew up in the desert, it just isn’t part of my diet and it tends to be expensive so I never feel compelled to have it. Continue reading